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TCO & ROI for public cloud

Our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and ROI Analysis service help you to calculate the direct and indirect costs and benefits of applications within your IT portfolio. Cloud computing will help you to minimize TCO by reducing the need to invest in large capital expenditures.

Estimate your cost savings with cloud computing

As a managed cloud service provider we leverage cloud-based TCO calculations to calculate the cost of acquiring per IT component by measuring infrastructure cost, cost of cloud service,personnel skills and cost of uncertainty around compliance issues.

Report estimated cost savings to executive leadership

Our TCO and ROI analysis will provide cost savings reports that will let you estimate current TCO from running applications on premise or in traditional hosting environment.

Manage variable Cloud billing

CloudNxt will help to make payment for public cloud service consumption with INR billing with proper invoice. Users can pay us in INR with TDS deduction at source. Dedicated technical account manager will help to design the cloud solution and security enhancement. CloudNxt will further help to evaluate public cloud billings and will provide Daily, weekly and monthly performance reports with utilization alerts.

Cloud Accounts

No need to open public cloud account with your card.

Monitoring Usage

Monitoring usage & lower your public cloud cost.

Value Added Service

Value added offering

Technical Queries

Single point of contact for your billing & technical queries

Cost Optimization

Advisory service on cost optimization.

Migrate Process

Migrate for free from USD to INR billing.